Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective darker elements

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective darker elements
Yes, the script was much darker with darker humor in it. I know that some of the darker elements were in fact filmed, but edited out for a more kid friendly movie. Jim was burning hot at the time and teens and kids love his work on In Living Color.
The hook killing scene was in fact filmed from what the DVD commentary says. But they edited out the goons deaths and they were just knocked out in the final cut. Now, the gas station scene, I am not sure that was filmed or not. Suicide won't go over as well as two bad guys dying though.
The Mask also went through extensive changes. 
Both shows would go on to cartoon TV shows aimed at kids.   
 Side Note:  Would this movie be made today with the twist of the main villain being a transgendered/cross dresser?  Or the reaction from the police when it's revealed? 

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