Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midnight Star: Anyone remember this group?

Midnight Star: Anyone remember this group?
freakazoids...robots..please report
freakazoids...robots...please report to the dance floor
I remember my mother telling this group was from Louisville. That's not 100% true. They actually formed the band on the campus of Kentucky State University, a historic black university in Frankfort KY. I actually remember having one of their albums.
Most of their songs were dance songs with electronic beats and sound effects. I can see the wave of electronic music from the 90s being influenced by their songs. Check out some of their hits below.

Midas Touch


Anonymous said...

This group was slammin', I was listening to them back then in the 80's a lot. Especially "Midas Touch", "Wet My Whistle", "Headlines" and "Engine No 9" and "Luv-U-Up" were my favourites.

Semaj said...

They're often overlooked when people talk about the 80s. I am not sure why because their sound is pure 80s.

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