Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hipster: Random stuff

The history of the Hipster
This is great
I can see the Beatnik evolving into the hipster, or de-evolving into the hipsters we hate today.  So, the hippies came from the Beatnik. 
Kanye: the Hipster
A guy at work mentioned Kanye West and we both came to the conclusion that Kanye West is a hipster.  Look at the facts…
-He wears oversized glasses from the 80s and 90s. 
-He wears Skinny Jeans.
-He wears stupid vintage clothing from hand-me-down stores and yard sales. 
-Why are you wearing a sweater in the summer? 
-He’s self-centered like a hardcore hipster. 
-Facial hair of varying degrees. 

Side Note:  I am a bicyclist, and I laugh every time I see a Hipster riding on his Fixed-Gear Bike with his tight pair of pants on, sweating his ass off.  Yeah, you may pass me on your light bikes, but I can travel up steep hills with my gears. 
Side Note II:  Don’t wear the vintage GI Joe/Transformers shirt unless you know what it means.  I want to ask the young hipster dude if he’s seen an episode of Thunder Cats if he has the shirt? 


MC said...

I just want to punch every hipster in the face.

Semaj said...

lol, you and me both.

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