Saturday, August 20, 2011

Andy Levy Apologizes To Chris Brown...sort of..kind of...

Andy Levy is great
That was brilliant. 
Yes, people seem to forget that Chris Brown not only beat up Rihanna, but left her in the car beaten and broken.  I am shocked that he still has fans, let alone ones that defend him.  Andy Levy thought so too and a Twitter War erupted. 
While I am not a huge fan of Twitter, this "war" is one of the better ones.  
Chris Brown created a random tweet about Planking.
Levy switched up Brown’s tweet with this note. 
 That was pretty clever and bold.  Sure, it was tasteless, but people have to remember what he did.  Brown seems to have created this world where he has completely ignored that assault.  You can't gloss over domestic abuse without seeking treatment.  
How about that “outburst” on Good Morning America? 

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