Monday, August 29, 2016

The Crank Chop

The Crank Chop
Why does all of Vince Offer's products always sound like sexual actions? Slap Chop and Schticky? When he is not being put on trial by the Scientology courts (I am not making this up) or beating up hookers that refuse to release his lower lip, he's selling useless shit like this. 
And, I love he throws the entire “other” product out the window. How much did that cost to destroy that window?
“Oh, me so hungry?” Really, Vince? That's almost as bad as “You're going to love my nuts.”
I like the simple design because it is a cross between a See N Say, yo-yo and a Slap Shop.I am not sure people will need it if they have a Slap Chop though.

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