Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Gravity Falls: I had idea that this show was so good. I heard there was a strange connection to Rick and Morty. I really like this show a great deal. It seems this forest has a lot of magical things that causes problems for the main characters. It is also very edgey for a Disney show. However, Disney's shows are rather intense like Star Wars Rebels. Anyway, I really like Gravity Falls. 
 ~One Punch Man?: What in the heck am watching? There is a pollution monster and a crab monster. Plus, there is a kid with balls for a chin. So, there is this superhero that has the power of one punch. This might be one of most craziest shows I have ever seen. I thought DBZ has major city-wide damage, but this show kills a lot of people and entire towns are destroyed. The animation is good and the fighting pretty intense. I like the show, but damn it is very strange and I just watched the first episode so far. 

~Calista Flockhart on Supergirl S2: I really love the character of Cat Grant and she is the best thing about this show. Flockhart seems to be playing the complete opposite of Ally McBeal . The show moved to Canada with the other CW shows when the show moved to the CW. This causes an issue for Flockhart because her family lives in LA. It seems CW split the difference with making her a guest character instead of a main one. As long as she is still on the show, I am okay with this news.  What about the fact that Supergirl is set on a different Earth from the other CW universe? Will they merge this planet into the Arrow-verse? 
 ~Mad TV is back? Did anyone ask for this? Really, CW? I remember when they canceled the show years ago and everyone had totally forgotten that the show was still on the air that that time. It was the discount-dollar brand of SNL that only a few of your friends found funny. I even tried watching it back in the day and couldn't sit through a single episode. Keep in mind the show only ended back in 2009 and no one knew or cared. Now, they're bringing this show back like a bad case of warts. In this new hashtag PC world, can we really have a truly funny comedy show? Can you do a version of Miss Swan today without a twitter call-out for the show the be canceled? Would we even want another Mad TV when even SNL has its ups and downs.

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