Friday, August 19, 2016

Farrah Abraham's song: Blowin

Farrah Abraham's song: Blowin
This might very well be one of the worst songs I've heard in a long, long time. Frah Abrham is that reality star that got famous for getting knocked up and then she became a pornstar (check your local tube site for research). Honestly, she has nothing to offer to the world other than mockery.
Double Toasted brought me here to this train wreck of a music video. When I saw their reaction to her album, I had to listen, er endure, one of her singles.
Folks, this is NOT really music. This is what the Borg wouldm create to parody music. It is what a machine would shat out after you threw in all the trends of popular music into a program.
Then it gets worst...she isn't even trying to lip sync with her own damn song in the music video. You created this piece of shit song, and you can't even bother to act like you're interested in doing this music video.
It also has some of the worst aspects of "cool people" trends thrown into the video. She takes annoying selfies, she's on Twitter and Facebook. (Plus, she seems to be glitching the Internet in the video. Did she give Twitter and FB an STD?) Maybe it is because I am too old to understand this selfie crowd.
And, why are you calling your song “blowin”? Hmm. Not only does the song blow, but she...never mind.
The best part is this video is at 6K likes and nearly 73K dislikes. Make sure to read the comments.
You HAVE to listen to her album. Holy crap.
I swear she has the biggest mouth since LeBron James.  She could eat a Subway sandwich whole. 

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