Monday, August 29, 2016


Well, I had surgery this Friday. There is not much to say. After I got a blood test, they moved me from a waiting room to a nursing place to change into that weird smock thing that everyone is forced to wear and just underwear. Since I have already been through some of this, it wasn't a shock.
After more tests and waiting, a pair of nurses brought me up to the surgery room. It was a room that actually looked more like the sickbay from Star Trek TNG than anything else. It was very modern looking and had a large observation glass And, it was very cold. I met with my heart doctor and tech that had knowledge of the device they were putting in me.
They strapped my left arm down and put a breathing mask over my face. I took deep breathes...I woke up in recovery. I slept through the whole procedure. My throat was sore and my chest and left-hand side were in a lot of pain. In recovery, they got me some pain meds that me even sicker, but I puked it up.
They moved me over to my room to recover.
I had to stay overnight and watch some really bad TV. I watched an entire episode of Hawaii 5-0 and a few CSI type clones. How do people watch this shit? However, I did watch the first Hobbit movie, which holds up rather well. Plus, I slept through the second movie though.
They let me out of the hopital on Saturday and I've been sleeping off and on for a while.
I now have a device in my body that monitors my heart rate and will give me a shock if I have problems. So, that makes me a Borg right?

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