Thursday, August 04, 2016

That Star Trek video game (Repost)

That Star Trek video game (Repost)
Yes, the game is that broken. I think this is the best glitch video I have scene, though Day One: Gary and Sonic Boom are very close to being as glitch-filled, This game came out around the time of Into Darkness and the studio heavily promoted this game. It was supposed to be a bridging story between Star Trek 09 and Into Darkness.
The reviews were not kind to this game. The PS3 version scored the highest out of the group, but that was still a 45%.
What makes this story funny is that a lot of the movie talent in and behind the camera worked on this shitty game. J.J. Abrams not only distanced himself from the game as they were making it, he tried to get most of his team away from the project too. He also bashed the game after its release.
Kind of reminds me of that Ghostbusters video game that just came out and bankrupted the company that made it! 

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