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Peanuts The Movie

Peanuts The Movie
 I thought I've grown too old and distrustful to like a movie like this. However, I found myself really loving this movie. With the exception of one element, this movie feels like the series of specials that came out during my childhood at the time. It is charming and sweet in the manner that is the Peanuts of old. Despite the wonderful CGI, this feels and looks like those old Peanut specials from those early days of your childhood. They went out of their way not hip up Charlie Brown such as they did say the new Archie comics.
Charlie Brown discovers a new girl (The Little Red-Haired Girl) moving in across the street. He has a crush on her. The sort of revolves around him trying new things to get her attention or trying to shed his loser Charlie Brown history. (Snoopy also has his own Red Baron story, which was extremely cute. )
The Little Red-Haired Girl story is probably something most children go through as their first crush. While I don't think it turns out as happy as it does in this film, this plot device is very cute and fun to watch unfold. Being the nerdy shy guy, I understood every Charlie Brown was going through. We've all wanted to impress that cute girl/guy, but didn't have that “swagger” to pull it off.
I also like the relationship between Snoopy and Charlie. It is a friendship I seem to understand today and not when I was younger. Snoopy is that wild friend that pushes Charlie to be a better person and get him out of shell. The movie really pushed that narrative.
While the main through-line story is the new girl next door, there are clearly segments of side stories that are connected with this story line. Sometimes, it felt like the movie took a ruote that wasn't nessary, such as Charlie Brown getting a high score on a test. Some of this made the movie feel a bit too long, btut it does carry over to the end.
I love that this isn't a reboot or remake of the specials, but a sequel. Because someone mentions the Great Pumpkin. The sense of the 70s and 80s elementary school is all here without a lick of modern elements (except for a song).
All of the Peanut characters are here and excactlt the same as they were some 30 years ago. Even the ones you hate are here to annoy you such as Lucy, but even she has a nice sublte moment at the end, and to top it off with that mean football bit.
Yes, I hate Lucy, but she might be the forerunner for 4chan and troll culture.
Snoopy's story is very funny and neat to watch because itdeals wit the Red Baron story.
While the movie has some pacing issues and the pop song is a bit annoying, the movie does a good job with the nostalgia memories from Peanuts series of specials. The CGI animation is extremely well animated and the character design fit right in with the old cartoon specials. It is a very good movie that I highly recomend to anyone growing up in the 70s and 80s. Overall, this is a highly entertaining little movie that is fine for young kids and adults that grew up on Charlie Brown and company.
You did good, Charlie Brown.
Grade: B+

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