Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Random Things

Random Things
~Facebook Friends: It is good to see many of my friends of the past doing so well in their lives. There are so many happy faces and couples that it really does make me feel a little upset I can't get my act together. Because I am not happy with my current job and where I am in life that, I marvel at people that can find a slice of happiness in their lives. I know I won't get married or have kids, I just want to wake up and not dread going into a job a loathe 100%.
~GLH 9: AKA Good Looking Hair: Remember that paint stray for balding men?: This shit was sold through the mail via paid programs on cable. Why would you walk around with some paint chemicals in your hair just to cover up a bald spot? It seems a bit dangerous to me. Wouldn't people tell that you were just wearing paint on your spot? GLH is the clip-on ties of hair-plugs. Check out the ads. (BTW, they are still selling this product on their website!)
~Star Trek Discovery: While I am looking forward to the new Trek show, I am not looking forward to paying 8-10 dollars for a CBS online channel. Since Supergirl moved to the CW, I really have no prospects of watching any other CBS show other than Trek. It will take a lot to get me to pony up money for JUST a Trek show. BTW, Discovery will be set in the main universe ten years before the TOS run of episodes. They are also using an early version of the pre-modern Enterprise before they wanted to make Star Trek Phase II. I think CBS should have this show on Netflix as well.

President Little Hands
~Trump's Saggy Pole: I mean his sagging polls. I hate Hillary, but I hate Trump even more. While Clinton is a career politician, Trump is a complete asshat that isn't too fond of free speech or anything else. He rubs me the wrong way and seems to ride the coattails of race and religious baiting. I still think he has a chance to to win the election because Clinton is so crooked that more shit may come out about her, but I am begrudgingly supporting her. I have never hated both sides of the aisle more than now

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