Thursday, August 25, 2016

Grandmother RIP

Grandmother RIP
It was a Sunday and I received a phone call from my mother that my Grandmother was in bad shape. My mother wanted to there for emotional support. I didn't want to be there because I've been to too many hospitals in the last two years. I watched friends and family members get sick and die. While I was closer to my grandmother in Louisville, I didn't want to watch another person die. However, I showed up.
Inside the hospice room, My grandmother was in her bed almost still, but with a few breaths here and there. It reminded me of seeing my uncle's body when he died last year. My mother nervously hovered over her checking her chest for breathing. I sat down and just observed everything.
At a certain point, she stopped breathing. The nurses came in and confirmed that she stopped breathing. She passed on quietly.
She was gone...
There was a sense of relief in my heart because she no longer had to deal with pain, sorrow, stress and the other issues we have to deal with. All of that was gone. While I am saddened by her passing, her pain is gone. She no longer had to deal with her body failing and her mind leaving her.
So, who was my last Grandmother?
Well, she was part new age and old fashion. She learned how to drive at a young age when women weren't required to drive. She owned houses she rented a few houses and owned a bar. I remember going to that bar. She worked for the city and helped low-income families with housing. She grew up in old Louisville, but came out of it a rather wealthy woman.
Her and her husband did some amazing things when being a black person in Louisville was very-very bad. I spent many hours at my grandmother's house growing up.
When my dog passed away a few years ago, she wanted to get me another dog because she saw how depressed I was about it. That was the kind of person she was. She always helped me out. While she could be demanding and controlling, but she did try to help you out when she could. Like my Grandmother from Memphis, she pressed me to find a girlfriend because she wanted to see some great-grandchildren. That didn't happened.
I didn't want to be there her final hours because I just witnessed a friend of mine pass away in the same manner mere weeks before she passed away.
Anyway, I am depressed, but I will get through it. She will be missed.
I will be going into surgery this Friday.

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