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Toys (1992)

Toys (1992)
Wow, I didn't know this movie was that old. I was still in school when this movie was released. I thought the movie was much younger than that. I remember talking with my friends about this movie and how we liked the movie.
So, I re-watched this on NF.  
Has the movie held up?
Well, not exactly. There are certain things that do hold up. But, the movie comes across as being a bit too weird even for a Robin Williams movie. Certain things just don't work, but I love seeing the final battle with all the friendly toys getting slaughtered by the war toys.
The biggest problem is this “Who is this movie marketed to?”. It is certainly a bit too dark for children with the sex and dark tones toward teaching children to kill on a massive level through videogames. The tonal shifts aren't handled well. 
It doesn't really matter because the movie turned out to be a box office bomb.  It only made 23 Million all around.  
Grade: C
-Director Barry Levinson : I find it strange that Levinson directed and wrote this movie because he helped helm my favorite gritty TV shows Homicide Life on the Streets and OZ. Then, he did this strange art-style-comedy-action film called Toys. It seems so left field.
-Look for a young Jamie Foxx.
-Joan Cusack : Joan plays Joan Cusack just a bit more loopier. I actually liked her character more so here than when I was younger. Spoiler alert: She is a robot.
-Robin Williams: He seems to be phoning it in for the most part. I also found his hair to be a bit distracting. He's supposed to be the main star, but he isn't that good. Actually, LL Cool J steals the show...
-LL Cool J: I love all the jokes with Cool J hiding in various spots throughout the scenes and popping in. He's very funny and I love that no one even brings up that he's a black guy and that he's related to Zevo family. I thought that is also funny too.
-Strange Slow Motion: Toward the end of the third act, the camera keeps doing this strange slowing down thing that isn't really slow motion, but it is rather annoying.
-80s music video: Okay, they had me with the fake 80s music video. They really captured the feel of the 80s MV with the song “How does it feel?”.
-The music is very strange, almost Danny Elfman in certain places. I remember hearing about the “Happy Workers”.

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