Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry X-Mass: A Heart Warming Story...

Because I am in the X-Mass mood. Here's a heart warming story.
From WHAS 11, ((A Louisville woman is facing charges after police said she tried to buy iPads with her food stamp card, and when it didn't work she ran from the store. ))
This happened in Louisville, my home town. Yep, even we are not spared from these crazy people. Naturally, the food card was declined. So, she did the only reasonable thing to do, she attacked a store clerk and made a run for it with the iPads. Smooth move there, lady.
Oh, and it gets better. Even after the cops were aware of her attack and stolen property, she went to another Walmart and tried to buy more iPads with her Food Stamps card. And, that's where the police arrested her. So, I guess she will spend her X-mass in jail.  At least she knows that she will get a few meals a day paid for by the government, without any iPads.  
This kind of stuff is the reason people have a backlash against government assistance. People like this give it a bad name, and it further divides people on the issue. Perhaps you should help pay for food for your family instead of trying to buy iPads for your folks.   We have to set up a program that teaches people to live and work on their own and the government assistance is just that "assistance" to get you back on your feet, and not to attempt to buy iPads with.  
Merry Christmas to all...or Happy Holidays.

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