Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 5 Things that Anger Me This Week

This item drains away your dreams and hope. But, hey keep playing you might just win.

Top 5 Things that Anger Me This Week…

1. That gay guy that feels the need to appraise my style of clothing: There was a Supervisor from work that was gay and he would always attempt to critique my style of clothing as if I was a female or gay. Sorry, I’m a guy and I just throw on a t-shirt and shorts. The last thing I care about is the way my clothes look. I usually don’t have name brand clothes and refuse to spend over 7 bucks on a damn shirt.

2. Squirrels during the fall: It’s that time of year that these little guys run around franticly searching for food. Except that, they freak out when I’m on my bike. They’ll jump out in front of my bicycle and nearly are run over by me. I like these little guys, but they freak out during the fall. The last that I want to hear is their little bodies being crushed under my tires.

3. Casey Anthony: Okay, it is now time to admit you killed your child. Why continue to live the lie? Given the picture of you drunk on a Friday night and peeing in a parking lot while your child was missing, I would have already marked you a horrible mom anyway. Living with the big lie will not be good for you. Look at what happened to OJ recently. Remember this; What would OJ do?

4. Slow Driving in the fast lane: Are you serious? Do you want to hold up the six cars behind you by drifting along in the fast lane? When you see people tailgating you, it’s time to move over. I can’t believe people can’t get the hint. Are they trying to piss people off?

5. That guy at the gas station that feels the need to check in 10 sets of lottery numbers and a box of cigarettes: You’re not going to win, so give it up. Instead of hoping for the Lottery Ticket Pixie to grant you fortune, how about you take some classes and move up in your company or start your own business? Want to make more cash? Stop buying those over-taxed cigarettes.

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