Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting Videos

Interesting Videos

World of Warcraft nerd freaks out: I can't lie, I used to freak out when I played FFXI online. However, I didn’t freak out this much. I also walked away from the game and realized how much time I was losing out on other creative things. This guy puts the rest of us geeks to shame. He stands there and talks shit to his friend. Hey, buddy it’s just a game.

This is the same type of guy that takes his part time job too seriously.

Online gaming is very addicting.


Evangelicals know how to dance: Even though I’m an agnostic now, I grew up in a black Baptist household and we never saw some of these things go on in church. However, I would see some people catching the Holy Ghost. It was usually an older heavy-set woman. But, you wouldn't see people dancing like that scene out of the Blues Brothers. It might be something from the Deep South.


Man Punches Teenager Girl: Wow, that was brutal. I hope she didn't get those punches super-sized. The guy was a grown man, and he punched her like a dude. He got at least three hits in before she fell to the floor. You can see her put up her hands trying to get him to stop. You don't beat up on a teenage unless it is to defend yourself.

What's even crazier is the children of the guy. They're watching this happen. His older son tries to pull him away.

Btw. Watch the girl in the red hoody simply step up and take her order after the incident.


MC said...

In the third video, it looks like the argument started because he cut in line and the assaulted party didn't take kindly to that.

Semaj said...

Yeah, I see her pointing and she appears to yelling about it. Too bad there wasnt any audio. I have to wonder if they caught the guy yet.

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