Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DS9: Allamaraine (Star Trek Hopscotch)

DS9: Allamaraine (Star Trek Hopscotch)
I always laughed at this scene in the episode Move Alone Home. The fans on crew consider this episode as one of the worst and silliest episodes on DS9.  "Allamaraine" became their inside joke when something went wrong on the show production wise.  The best and stupidest moment is the Allamaraine scene. AKA the alien hopscotch.
I love that Kira gets shocked because she is impulsive. I also like that Bashir gets shocked right before he has a smug look on his face.
You can clearly see Avery Brooks almost break character and he rolls his eyes. In Trek legend, this was one of Brook's worst moments. He hated doing the scene and you can tell. He didn't sign up for this shit.
Check out his response to the scene years later.
The added bonus is watching Nana Visitor looked pissed about doing it while Dax seems to be into it.  Nana and Brooks looked pissed after and I love it.  
BTW, O'Brien missed out on this moment. I believe he was filming a movie during this episode. Also, here is more information on the alien hopscotch. Yes, the intern came up with the hopscotch thing that Brooks hated.
Added bonus: The little girl gets the gestures messed up in a few moments. Her hand gestures are off. The nitpicker's guide noted this mistake.

"Allamaraine! Third shap" 

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