Monday, July 30, 2018

Super Hover Hands: Behold

Super Hover Hands:  Behold

Well, at least he isn't doing that stupid soyboy selfie/grin thing. This picture was taken when people didn't make complete asses of themselves and just had the hover hands.
For research, I was looking up adult star Jade Marcela and then her sister (Nyomi Marcela) popped in my mind and I did a Google search for her and this hover hand pic popped up. I am not the person that likes being touched or touching people, but I think it is okay to touch her shoulder or her side for a picture. (if she gives you permission.)
Look, I actually had an attractive woman offer to hug and kiss me, and I declined. She was a bit upset about it, but I don't like hugging or kissing people even attractive strangers. However, I've been known to make fun of hover hands.
I love the Oakley sunglasses hanging on his shirt and the DudeBro friend looking confused.
Early on, I had a huge crush on Nyomi. I am not sure what she is up to nowadays, but damn she looks cute.

Side Note: Even Summer Glau is making fun of the hover hands meme considering it started with pictures of her. She actually does it as a joke. Damn, I love this woman even more now.  

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