Friday, July 20, 2018

DSP Tries it: Being an a-hole to his fans...again

DSP Tries it:  Being an a-hole to his fans 
Why play Silent Hill 2 on hard mode? Silent Hill 2 and 3 already have a sliding scale that goes up when you play. Monsters do become stronger and gain abilities as you go up. Plus, DSP is a bad gamer.
When the man literally begs his fans to keep in his gated-community mansion.  He treats his fans with such contempt and distrust, yet they will actually give him thousands of dollars every month.  Instead of letting him fall on his ass and losing his big house, they are loyal to him.  It is an abusive relationship.   
The way he turns on his fans is such a dick move.  If I had his fans, I wouldn't treat them this way. Given he's moved from an ad-based payment plan to a user/crowd-based one, he should know that pissing off your user base is pretty stupid. I've noticed this type of behavior in Wings and Chris Chan too. It is this talking down to your fans and treating them like dollar signs. I could throw Spoony in there, but he doesn't create any content at all.
I enjoy watching Phil wall himself off in his safe space not realizing the end is near.
He did apologize to his fans a few days later.
Side Note: It should also be mentioned that DSP owns an empty condo that he pays for every month too.

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