Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You just got kicked the f' out! (Comedian kicks old dude)

Well, that is one way to “kick out” a heckler.
That kick gives us a whole new meaning to a “punchline”. As someone said in the video, now that was funny. Now, this is an interactive show. I love that he got kicked so hard he just stayed on the floor.
This has to be the comedian's “greatest hit”.
Anyway, the guy that got kicked goes by Rade Zone. He seems unfunny...and annoying. I don't think he needed a fresh kick in the chest tough. This happened around 2015 and it was over time on the stage.  And, I can't really dig up more about this incident nor do I want to because this guy is named Rade. 
I try to avoid anyone named Rade...or Lance...

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