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The Founder (Part 1 of 2)

The Founder (Part 1 of 2)
Wait, Bruce Wayne founded McDonald's?  
As a child, I loved going to McDonald's. It was another playground away from the playground. Going to McDonald's meant having fun, and it was always an event. So, this movie caught my attention, because I never really followed the history of McDonald's.
The Founder is a very enjoyable movie. The film shows us the birth of the fast food industry today how powerful fast food companies are today. The Founder has a very good chunk of good scenes. Overall, it has some good acting from the main cast. However, there are few problems with the movie. I can honestly say this is a very enjoyable true story” movie. The Founder gives you a deep insight into how franchise companies are created while also telling the story about one of the biggest food franchises in the world.  Great stuff.
The founder is about the birth of McDonald's and the idea of fast food chains overall. This movie is a historical piece showing what happens when a bright idea gets taken over by a  guy that expands on that bright idea. If you wanted to know everything about the history of McDonald's, then watch this movie. The clash between creative folks and the business-minded folks is in full force in this little movie.
Some say this is the Social Network of fast food products, and they're not wrong.
There are two sections of the story. The first half is about the founding of McDonald's and then it switches to the other issues involving creating a franchise from the ground up. Both sections are compelling and directed and told extremely well. Director John Lee Hancock does a great job capturing the mood of the 50s and 60s. There are funny and charming moments mixed in with some very serious moments.  The movie turns from being light-hearted to serious and downright tragic with ease.  
I loved witnessing the ins and outs of the first McDonald's restaurant and its franchise restaurants. The McDonald brothers created the concept of the Ford factory assembly line model and brought it into the restaurant industry. They made their food preset and the focused was on the speed.  It was not about the art of making a burger. The concept for McDonald's was for people to step up and grab the food after paying. It is really a neat way of showing people's reactions to seeing the McDonald's model of making food.
Ray Kroc, the man behind franchising McDonald's, brought in the concept of keeping all the ideas of the first McDonald's restaurant in line with the rest of the franchise. He wanted to make sure all the franchise location kept the taste, price, and format of the founding store. In the movie, we get to see the beginning of the idea of making a burger joint a family-friendly outlet. We see the struggle that Kroc had keeping the cost down and making sure the locations stayed in line with burgers and menu items. The movie does such a great job dumping this info on us with just a few pacing issues.

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