Thursday, September 07, 2017

Cash me Outside girl has a music video

Like the bad case of the shits, the Cash me Outside girl keeps coming back no matter how much you flush it.  
Yes, the Cash me Outside girl (CMO) is making music now. Well, it is actually what an alien believes what human music sounds like. She is basically that ratchet white girl that talks like she's from the ghetto and sounds and acts completely ignorant.
When I listened to this track, I feel a sickness form in my throat. This song is so bad that I want to destroy every copy with a blowtorch. She is also rapping in that strange style that current rappers rap in and it bothers me. They keep repeating things and use too much auto-tune.
I hate the fact this is what has become of pop culture. It is troubling that this little girl thinks she can make a career out of something that other people spend their whole lives to accomplish.  She got in a matter of months. What's going to happen to her when her 15 minutes of fame drys up? Well, McDonald's is hiring.
While the music video is thankfully short, the song and video might be worst than the Friday song from years ago. This isn't as playful and takes itself too seriously.
-Is this a horror movie: Some random old guy drops her off in the hood. Why is there a grown man dropping her off in the “bad” part of the city? This seems creepy. Then, there is that ground-swelling horror music before the song starts. Why?
-How did she get there?: At a certain point, CMO ends up on top of the project building. How did she get there really?
-Protesters?: Why does the CMO girl have protesters? It makes no sense given she is just a ghetto-acting reality star with no talent. You have to have a career before you get detractors. Again, I am confused.  
Here's a hint; people aren't going to remember you. 

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