Wednesday, September 20, 2017

DSP tried it...

DSP Tries it: Getting trouble
Wow, he seems very depressed. After losing his girlfriend and long-standing MCN, this is another major problem for him. I like following DSP because he is a total train wreck. This might be the thing that ends his YT/Twitch career.
He is being very evasive about the bad news. I am guessing it is the IRS looking into him. The fact he is thinking about selling his house sort of leans toward this theory. Some have claimed that it could be that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. I seriously doubt that. He and his GF really had a love-less relationship toward the end.  I am leaning toward the IRS auditing. I have never seen him this serious, so that is another reason I lean toward the IRS thing.
Side Note: He owns a house and an empty condo.

I kind of hope this major issue does give him a kick in the butt so he can get a part-time job to make ends meet. He might have to move out of that house and back into his condo across the country. Despite being a total dipshit, I have some empathy for this guy.  

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