Friday, September 29, 2017

He-Man and, GEICO

He-Man and, GEICO
It seems strange to see this ad because He-Man was popular from my generation. It was the first true cartoon show based on a toyline. And, the toyline dictated the way the show told its stories. However, the show was never as huge as the Transformers/GI Joe. However, it was neat seeing the old school He-Man characters show up in an ad. It made me smile. It dates back to a time when I would race home to watch an episode of He-Man.
From Adweek, ((Produced by The Martin Agency and animated by SNL alum J.J. Sedelmaier (which explains the resemblance to TV Funhouse), the spot sees Skeletor cornered by He-Man and his cronies, only to escape after telling them the usual spiel about saving money on his car insurance. I suppose that carries over to his jetpack, as well. ))
While they captured the look and feel of this 80s cartoon, it actually looks better than the original show. Were these the same voice actors from the show? Teela sounds like the original actress, but not the rest of the cast. The reason why I ask this is that most of the living GI Joe cast members came back for that Community episode. There have been old school VO actors appearing on Family Guy from various 80s shows as well.
Then, there is this live action He-Man ad...

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