Thursday, September 14, 2017

Devin Faraci hired/fired (back in the news)

There is a lot to unwrap here, but I will try to narrow it down.
Since Devin didn't put up a counter claim to the sexual assault claims, we have to take the word of the victims in this case. He made a vague statement and “retreated” into the real world. He hasn't been in the news for about ten months, yet the movie sites outright refused to even talk about it at the time. Even though it appeared he left the company, it may have been a bit of a cover.
Devin took some time off from everything and went into hiding, or so we thought. He claimed he went into treatment too. However, with sexual assault claims, just going to AA meetings isn't enough. For many, this caused a shit-storm with the Drafthouse guys re-hiring Devin in a limited form. Can someone with an alleged history of sexual assault really be redeemed? I am asking because I really don't have an answer.
Without a court case, wouldn't it be safer not to be connected to Devin?  
From the Hollywood Reporter, ((Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League ignited a firestorm by announcing that, just 11 months after a woman came forward to accuse blogger Devin Faraci of sexual assault, the writer had been quietly rehired by the company as a copywriter. ))
Rumors even abound that Devin was still a part of the company as early as a month after his departure.
From The Hollywood Reporter, ((The exact timing of Faraci's reinstatement remains unclear, but one former Drafthouse employee, a longtime programmer who quit last March, told The Hollywood Reporter that Faraci's name was appearing on internal emails as soon as one month after the controversy.  ))
Anyway, The Alamo Drafthouse folks had to let him go after the outcry of reinstating him.
((Hello everyone, 
I would like you each to know that I have spoken with Devin today, and we agreed it is the right decision for him to leave the company permanently. He offered his resignation, and I have accepted it. 
Our company values the ability to reflect on our own actions both individually and as a team. I have reflected a great deal, and I welcome the opportunity to speak with each of you, to listen and to provide the opportunity for further reflection. 
As a result, you will all be receiving an invitation to a series of small group discussions beginning Friday. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally with any concerns as we together chart our path forward. ))
If there is the air of sexual assault, why be associated with him in the first place? I know that Tim League was looking out for a friend, but if your friend is doing horrible stuff, you might distance yourself from his mess. And, trust me it has caused a shit-storm.

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