Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snackman, a new breed of superhero

Snackman, a new breed of superhero (source)

In the age of Amber Lamps, there is a new superhero named Snackman…  His super power is eating chips in a tense situation. Perhaps, Snackman could have broken up that fight in my other post before. 
This why I love Internet culture. 
Unlike other superheroes, we know his true identity.  And, it was his mother that revealed it!
From DNA, ((Sonder, who lives in Fort Greene and has been in New York for two years, found out video of the incident — which had been viewed more than 555,000 times by Wednesday morning — had gone viral when he received a text message Tuesday morning from his mother.
I am sure she is proud of him.  And, his real name is Charles Sonder.  Heck his name sounds like the alter ego of a superhero.  (By day he is Mild mannered Designer Charlie Sonder, and by night he is Snackman. )
What are Snackman’s wonderful toys?  Cheddar Pringles and Gummi Bears: the food of gamers and superheroes.  If he threw in a Mountain Dew the circle would have been complete. 
Hey, Snackman, if you need a sidekick, I can be Energy Drink Dude. 


Sarah said...

Nice! I knew cheesy chips & gummi treats were super foods.

Semaj said...

Yeah, I have to wonder if Batman or Superman snacks on these things before fighting crime.

Heck, I'd like to see them drinking energy drinks.

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