Monday, April 30, 2012

Nicki Minaj: Beez in The Trap

Nicki Minaj:  Beez in The Trap
Oh, No. Not the bees!!!
Actually, I like this song.  It is very old school in the way Minaj raps the song.  The beat also has a mix of 90s and 80s sounds to it.  I like the echoing popping sound and it has a distinct sound.  People will know this song because of it.  I also dig this song because it doesn’t have that annoying Euro-machine beat that hip-hop seems to have today.  A lot of Minaj’s songs are like that today, but this one is better than those. 
The music video promptly gives you a look at every square inch of Minaj’s body.  And, I am not complaining at all because she has a good body on her.  And, having her surround by strippers (and pornstars?) also helps too.  While there is a bit of flashing lights, it isn’t as frantic as Stupid Hoe.  And, that’s a plus. 
So, yeah, this is a better song. 
-Barbwire?:  Are you trying to keep Nicki out or us away from her? 
-Shattered disco ball:  You better clear the dance floor because someone might get hurt.
- “Like your name Hulk Hogan” She mentions Hollywood Hogan.  Sweet. 

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