Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Probably the best girl fight ever…and worst

Probably the best girl fight ever…and worst
Looks like dating material to me!
From the person that posted the video.  ((So, my GF and I met this lesbian couple at the club and we we're going to go to the next one with them. Out of the parking lot we saw them get into a verbal confrontation with a group of people... we pulled over and tried to talk them down. That did not work, one of the girls stormed across the street and started pounding on the car the people got into... they ended up fighting. What you saw was the aftermath of the FIRST fight, the Silver Infiniti was trying to make its way through the intersection when the two drunk girls started pounding on their car too... I was NOT getting in the middle of this drunken fist swinging fest.))
It is the worst and best fight ever.  For one, the woman in black comes running over and acting like she’s going to whoop some ass like The Ultmate Warrior,  but she slips and falls on her ass.  Thus, her WCW intro failed.  However, she gets point for the follow through with the hair pulling.
-When women fight, there is a whole other level of anger than men fighting. 
-Some of those guys are lean into the fight to hoping to see a boob pop out. 
-I love the members only security guard. 

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