Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mundane Matt: Hypocrite to the fullest

Mundane Matt: Hypocrite to the fullest
It is kind of fitting that Mundane Matt is accused of false flagging a bunch of YouTube videos that were critical of him. He took down a bunch of videos and lied about it. And, he was caught. This was the whole reason he received a boost because of the Zoe Quinn false copyright strike. This action makes him no different than DSP or Wings of Redemption. I was a fan of his despite not agreeing with him all the time, but he's pretty much done in my eyes.
From his Twitter, ((I've allowed myself to do things I shouldn't do. I've allowed people gotten under my skin that I shouldn't have. I am sorry for my actions. And I am currently seeking help. I am a fool. I owe an apology to @Andywarski, @elpesobueno @Tonkasaw and @FailureHatesYou ))
I think Matt lost his way when he left his real job, moved away, and became a full-time YouTuber. Doing YT full time isn't that stable and it doesn't help with a newborn child on the way. You can't stand on the Anti-SJW crowd if you go around false flagging videos about yourself.
He wanted to be a full time YouTuber and now he's ruined it.

I can't believe Zoe Quinn is now the better person than Mundane Matt.  

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