Thursday, August 09, 2018

IGN Update: You’re Fired

IGN Update:  You’re Fired 
IGN did the right thing and didn’t protect their own. They fired Filip. I will defend people when they mess up and I hope they don’t get fired. I know what it feels like to be shoved aside and it isn't fun. However, this is a bridge too far.  I think people like Jim Sterling and other reviewers do feel there is a disregard for YouTube reviewers and people will steal from them because they view YT'ers as being them.
I did some digging and found some videos of him when he got hired on the IGN team.  While he seems a bit young, he seems energized and thrilled about being on the team in these clips. (Below)  I am a guy that wants to get into the writing field and would work my ass off.  Time and time again I see these young writers that screw up and don’t put much care into their work.  This guy is one of those examples.   
I’m of two minds of this incident.  I feel bad for him because he truly got to do the thing I thrive to do.  And, he has ruined his career.  I am also mad at him because it would have just been easier to just write the review in your own voice. Your voice is the reason people will keep coming back.
Side Note:  Filip, you might want to either delete or cover up your Twitter page.  He hasn't touched his Twitter page and it is the last thing he mentions is the Dead Cell review.
Before it gets deleted...
From his Twitter feed, ((Finishing up my Dead Cells review this weekend. It’s the first IGN video review I’ve edited myself, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. If you still haven’t seen Dead Cells in action, check out the first 21 minutes on Nintendo Switch! Video:  ))

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