Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Random Things

Random Things
-Still depressed: But I am feeling a bit better. I still have a bit of down-ness and sadness here and there. But things have gotten slightly better. I've been spending a lot more time alone and dealing with these issues alone. Keeping a better attitude is a key.

-Hawaii Five-0 Two stars leaving:  Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are both leaving the show. When I was in the hospital for a week, I watched and hated watching these episodes. Kim and Park are both the faces of the show and seem to get paid way less than their co-stars. That does seem a bit strange. Actually, I had completely forgotten the show was still on their air. Then again, I have very little interest in watching Network TV anymore.
-Remember those Hawaii Five-0 in show ads:  I wrote about these "hidden" ads years ago.  The writers didn't even bother trying to integrate the stupid ads into the show.  The characters litterally stop and talk about the sponsors.  Think about the Subway and Bing ads in the show.  
And, yes, there is a Jared remark pre-arrest and conviction. 

-Lady Gaga still has “fans”: I guess Gaga's fans went after singer Ed Sheeran. He made a sideways remark about Gaga and her waning popularity. He got trolled by her fans so much that he left Twitter. My first question is; Is Gaga still a thing? Second, why are you on Twitter anyway? I was sick of Gaga and her shitty music, but at a certain point she sort of disappeared.  

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