Tuesday, July 11, 2017

False Copyright Striking gone wrong...

Wow, this fell under the radar for me and I missed out on some major drama. Due to the ligious nature of a certain person, I won't be posting her/his photo or putting up any of her/his music. NOTE: Do NOT even post a picture of her/him on your blog. Trust me folks, this is epic for all the wrong reasons. I've been on the Internet for a long time and I've never seen anything this loony.   (By even mentioning her name puts me in trouble.)
Let's talk about Alex Mauer and the rain of false copyright strikes.
I kept reading story after story with them saying “she”, but all the Google Images are of her being of a hairy dude, so I was confused.
Basically, this composer was hired for a videogame (Starr Mazer DSP) to write music. He/she wrote the music and the company made the game. Out of nowhere, YouTubers and Twitch Streamers received copyright strikes for using Alex's music, which she doesn't really own the rights to. The company that made and publish the game are the copyright holders. This is all over a dispute with the VG company, so she goes after the streamers.
From Oneangrygamer, ((Unfortunately, the copyright system in the United States has allowed her to assert rights that she does not actually own. And her assertion of those rights has caused Imagos and Don to lose credibility with many of the people and companies they do business with. ))
Instead of taking it up in court with the company, Alex has attacked the YT'ers and told them to deal with the company. Yet, she/he is the one that caused he copyright strikes on music she doesn't own. Does any of this make a lick of sense?
And, TB is right, she is manually striking anything with the VG title and picture of her. After all this hate, she seems to have doubled down on her nonsense.
But it gets even better...
Alex allegedly sent death threats to her detractors.
A rep for the company is receiving some interesting e-mails. From Heavy.com ((Linsay has been seeing a lot of hate mail sent to her by people believing her to be Mauer. SidAlpha also received an email from someone believing him to be Mauer telling him (her) to go kill herself and that she was deserving to be raped. ))
From Heavy.com, ((French has also been receiving death threats from Mauer, who said that she was going to break his windows, burn his building, and more. She also said that there was a knife to her neck but that wasn’t a suicide threat, it was “something else.” ))
She allegedly threatened the lawyer in the case. She sent pictures with knives and things like that. WTF? I believe French got the police involved.
I could literal write a novel on everything that has transpired with the saga. I can't go through the entire saga. I could go on for about five more pages on this saga, but I don't have the time.
I'll keep you updated.

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