Tuesday, July 04, 2017

/ Digital Homicide still trying to shovel poop...literally

 Digital Homicide still trying to shovel poop...literally
If you remember, DH tried to sue Jim Sterling for bad reviews and the case got thrown out. They also tried to sue members of Steam and got kicked off of the platform. Here's the thing; they might be trying to sell their shovel-ware under a different company name despite the fact they were banned on Steam.
Really, DH? Allegedly, they re-branded themselves Loot-Toot Games. Spraying painting a turd is still a turd. And, I thought these guys had quit the "gaming business". After the crushing blows they took online, you would think they would take some time off...a lot of time.
A turd is still a turd no matter what you call it.  And, it still stinks.  
These guys won't stop making shitty games and refuse to give up making said shitty games.
Maybe, there needs to be more research into this new companies background. Here's a FB page that has the same name, but they're mostly a “giveaway” company. Here's more proof over on reddit. And, for the lulz, here's their patreon. So far, they have two followers out of 500. One of them simply did it to troll them. Way to go, guys. Sorry the gig is up, boys.   

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