Monday, July 17, 2017

R-Kelly doing freaky things

R-Kelly doing freaky things
I am a freak, but even I have to say that R-Kelly is a major freak that is on the dangerous side of things. Kelly is a good artist, but something is gravely wrong with him. It all follows a pattern. He gets in trouble, he denies it and the black community has his back. He puts out some thinly-connected religious song and goes back to his more booty-shaking songs at a later date.
Now, he's been accused of having a “cult” of women he has around him that he controls with an iron grip illegally.
From, ((According to parents and the former associates, Kelly keeps several young women at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago; replaces their cell phones with ones specifically used to communicate with him and forbids them to contact their families; requires they call him “daddy” and ask permission to leave the studio or their residences; films their sexual encounters with him; and abuses them physically and verbally.  ))
Now, we have to be extremely carefully about what comes out of this reveal, because R-Kelly has some really good lawyers. I don't like the new allegations are coming from Buzzfeed, but it does ring true with his past incidents. Remember he married  Aaliyah illegally at the age of 15. He met her at the age of 12. Her family forced the marriage to be disbanded shorty after through legal terms. He and Aaliyah denied this marriage took place. Let's not forget the pissing trial and the fact he got off Scott-free.
That should have sent up red flags.
The Boondocks predicted all this from the get go. I love this speech by Huey Freeman.

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