Thursday, July 27, 2017

Copyright Saga (Part 3)

Holmes wrote this article in such a bias manner that I got very angry over it. It was posted on the Destructoid main page. If you can remember, I mention that I found it odd that the mainstream gaming sites haven't talked about it. Now, we got a side to it.
Despite leaving key facts out of the story, this is where the shitstorm started.
From Destructoid, ((Unfortunately, not everyone has been so empathetic. Since word got out that Ms. Mauer had issued the DMCA orders against the two games, a sadistic feeding frenzy has formed in certain pockets of the internet, leading to Ms. Mauer receiving multiple online death threats, and opportunistic video game pundits demonizing her in long winded, fruitless YouTube rants.  ))
Why would you go out of your way to not mention the harassment Alex has done against everyone else?
Why not mention the false copyright strikes against nearly a 100 plus group of YouTubers?
He wrote some other things in his original post attacking YT'ers, but that has since been deleted.
Okay, he wanted to protect Alex despite the fact she has attacked a bunch of indie devs. Generally, these game “reporters” are very protective of indie devs, so it makes no sense for him to reshape the story into Alex being the victim. It is a shame when more research goes into the comment section than the actual story. Heck, I did more research than this guy did on the story and I am just a shitty blogger. Granted, I have been doing this for about ten plus years.
What makes it even crazier is that it is clearly stated in the court documents that she is legally not allowed to put up false copyright claims against Starr Mazer streamers. Yet, he refused to put this in his story. Omitting facts in a real news story can shape the way people view an issue. That is what I have a huge problem with in this whole thing.
It seems protecting a trans-person is more important than telling the truth.
When you are a journalist, report the facts and let the people decide how they view the issue. (or let us blogger share our thoughts on it). His clearly has a bias against vloggers and wanted to white knight the issue.
I know that Destructoid is cleaning house and reshaping the company. So, they went above and beyond trying to work out this problem. The editor moved the story from the main page to the writers' community blog on the site. There have been updates put to the story as well.

From the update, (( I've gotten a lot of people telling me that the line about "ambulance chasing Youtube pundits" in the original post was personally insulting to them, so I want to apologize. Specifically, I apologize to SidAlpha and Musical Anti Hero. I heard from Twitter user Fury283 that you were insulted by that statement. I was not referring to you directly when I said that, so I'm sorry that it came off that way.  ))

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