Saturday, July 15, 2017

False Copyright Striking gone wrong...(Part 2)

About that False Copyright issues on Youtube Update
It looks like things are really heating up between
River City Ransom: Underground was another game she worked on, and she has mass flagged a bunch of YouTubers for streaming the game. Again, she refuses to release the claims even though she doesn't own the rights to the music.
She has also gone after the company that made the game on the Steam platform.
From ((River City Ransom: Underground is no longer available on Steam. A DMCA takedown has been filed, resulting in the game’s delisting. This means people will not be able to search for and buy it from the storefront and, if they have acquired keys from the Humble Store, will not be able to redeem them on Steam.
So, now she has pretty much destroyed two games and rumors are she is going after another game. There is some good news though.
There has been a restraining order put on Miss Alex for the false copyright claims on the
But not for the Ransom City sequel. This has to do with lawyer Leonard French taking her to court. She is legally NOT allowed to issues anymore claims on Starr Mazer DSP due to the restraining order/court order. Keep in mind that Alex is already on thin ice to her criminal record and probation from what I can tell, but I could be wrong. If you doesn't want to end up in jail, she needs to stop this nonsense and lay low.
The good news is Starr Mazer is back on steam and it appears the false strikes are being cleared up on that front. However, Alex has fired a few of her lawyers and still hols Ransom for uh ransom. Her family hired the lawyer and she instantly fired the lawyer. Someone in her family needs to get some serious help for her before she does some serious bodily harm to herself or others.

What is interesting is only YT news people seem to be talking about this strange copyright tale.  

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