Sunday, October 07, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Voyager 1 might have already left our solar system: After reading this story, I started to really dig into the whole Voyager and Pioneer programs. Despite the fact that VOY 2 actually launched from Earth before VOY 1, VOY 1 actually leave the solar system first. I find the whole probe program to be the safest method of space flight. However, I am also thinking about the fact this probe will get swallowed up by a black-hole and brought back as the cloud/ship V'ger. I know that it was Voyager 6 in ST:TMP, but we only made two Voyager probes and not six. But, we don't need a giant cloud coming for us in another 200 years.

~Golden Disks on Voyager: By the way, both probes have golden records that have a collections of sounds and words on it for visiting aliens that come across these probes. Could you imagine the reaction to discovering this probe in another alien culture? Also, the Pioneer probes have a map and a picture pointing in the direction of Earth. We'll be either dead as a race or so far advanced in space travel to care though. And, it is more likely that our radio and TV waves will probably reach an alien culture first.
~Michelle Jenneke, bouncing around again! This one comes from a 2010 meet. This one is of her bouncing around in the rain. She is so damn cute.
~Peter Rosello: You are a douche for punching a homeless guy in the nuts. Being homeless and shitting in the alleys in already bad enough, but having a half-wit hipster punch you in the nuts. He's the son of one of the loopy reality stars from Real Wives of something stupid show. So, now we got family members from reality shows trying to be famous. Where is this no talent train going to end? I question the man's sexually when he seems to be drawn to a homeless man's crotch area. Police are looking into it, but I don't much will come of it. There will probably be a lawsuit by the homeless man when finds out the guy comes from a rich family.  

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